Gorenje Ora-Ïto futuristic kitchen as a space station in the Ahead of time! campaign

Gorenje Ora-Ïto futuristic kitchen made a successful debut in space. Although it actually took place on Earth, the option that this kitchen will some day in fact be a part of a space station, parked somewhere in space, or become standard equipment of spaceships such as those seen in science-fiction films, is still open. After all, this is how it was seen by the makers of a TV ad for one of Croatian major telecommunication service providers who selected the Gorenje futuristic kitchen as the central ambient for their advertising campaign called ‘Ahead of time!’

In the TV ad with the futuristic kitchen installed in an ambient of a space station, the chief astronaut employs the space kitchen to prepare an astronaut sandwich made of chips, colour LEDs, transistors, a fan, transformers, and USB units (!?) … Anyway, bon appetite!

By creating the futuristic kitchen, Gorenje again presented itself as a future-oriented and technologically advanced company that approaches its projects in an innovative way. Hence, the cooperation with the ardent designer Ora-Ïto, seen as the youngest icon of industrial design in the world, is not surprising. Ora-Ïto himself is gazing towards the future when creating his products. He is convinced that household appliances in cult black, which he designed for the new trendy Gorenje collection in his distinctive Simplexity style, are timeless – designed and manufactured in such way that they will still be cool in a few years. Furthermore, the same applies to the white cube-shaped futuristic kitchen made of a composite material, dubbed the material of the future by pundits.

»NASA style, isn’t it? This kitchen is called ‘futuristic’ because we are looking to place it into the future. I drew on the worlds in which we will live in the future for inspiration; at the same time, they incorporate technology that is already available today. With the futuristic kitchen, we surpassed our own limits and created something that will truly find its existence in the future“, Ora-Ïto expressed his enthusiasm about the kitchen, before adding that his goal is to create timeless products.

Cooperation with the Croatian telecommunication services provider in the Ahead of time! campaign is yet another piece of evidence that Gorenje’s new collection of appliances, along with the futuristic kitchen in which they are presented, truly cracked open a taboo, and strongly asserted that household appliances can be at the heart of trendy attitude and design. Even when the human race actually breaks into space, we will still have to cook and eat. We sincerely hope it will not be silicon chip and transistor sandwiches; but we do believe that kitchen appliances will travel along.

Currently, the futuristic kitchen with the new Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection is clocking up the miles across Europe, which will surely be a valuable experience once it sets out on its space journey. Throughout its several-month voyage through European capitals – from Belgrade, Istanbul, Vienna, Kiev – and August holidays in Budva (see photo), Gorenje Ora-Ïto futuristic kitchen covered approximately 9,000 kilometers.

Following a short stay in Slovenia where it will be displayed in Velenje in the first half of October, in front of the Gorenje Exhibition center, it will commence a new journey, as it is expected in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius.

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