Water Filters

Things that you need to know about water filters

Water filters have now become a very common entity in everyone’s house. The main reason why almost every house has it is that pure water is not easily available. The resources that provide drinking water are contaminated by human activity such as dumping industrial wastes and excessive.

The water from these sources must be subjected to certain processes to make it pure and safe to drink. This is where the water purifiers come into play. The water purifiers use various processes to purify the water and make them fit for consumption.

People are now opting for Reverse Osmosis Systems by watery filters as they don’t want to take second chances when it comes to water purification

Here are some facts about water purifiers.

Types of water purifiers

There are many types of water purifiers. They use different methods to purify the water. Some of them are Reverse Osmosis purifier, Ultra Violet purifier, UF purifier, and the good old porous purifier.

Reverse Osmosis purifier

The reverse osmosis purifier is one the most commonly used methods for water purification. The process uses a semi-permeable membrane which only allows water to penetrate it. Other sediments, germs and certain salts are filtered by the membrane. The membrane separates the unwanted particles from pure water. The reverse osmosis method is generally used for domestic purposes.

Ultra Violet purification

The UV that is ultraviolet purification method is generally used to purify large quantities of water. Hence it is mostly used for industrial purposes. In the ultraviolet purification process, the impure or the contaminated water is subjected to measured ultraviolet radiation. This radiation eliminates all the unwanted particles. It especially kills the germs and the microorganisms. After this, the bigger particles are left as sediments and pure water separated from them.

UF purifier

The UF purification is one of the latest methods that is used to purify water. This process is very much similar to the reverse osmosis process. The difference is that this process uses hydrostatic pressure on the water to make it penetrate through the semi-permeable membrane. This membrane that allows only water to penetrate through it allows only the water filters the other particles. Hence pure water is separated from the particles that contaminate it.

Pours Purifier

This is one of the oldest methods of water purification. This method is not in use now. This method is very simple. It just the processes of making the water pass through a wall of very tiny holes. This process only filters the sediments which large in size. It doesn’t eliminate germs and impurities.

Access to pure water is decreasing day by day. It is mainly because of human activities. It is a well-known fact that is absolutely impossible to survive without water. So it is high time we take enough steps not to affect the water resources and do our part our part to preserve them.